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I am a seasoned technical and marketing manager with extensive experience in product development, product management, product marketing and project management, in companies ranging from Fortune 50 to startup. Most recently I was responsible for business development and project management with a startup company.

I have managed software engineering groups with budget over $2 million, products with direct revenues over $12 million, and major market segments with over $200 million in revenue.

I pride myself on communication skills, and the ability to bridge the worlds of technology, business, sales and marketing, as well as working directly with customers. I have a bachelors degree in engineering, an MBA, and substantial hands on experience.

Russell Doty

Business Planning

Business planning in the world of high technology requires an understanding of both sides of the equation -- technology and business. To be effective, it is necessary to understand the technology, how to implement it, how to apply it, and how to extract business value from it. It is also necessary to understand how to build a business proposition around it, to do the actual work to develop and deliver the technology, and to build and execute the business case for the technology.

It is (unfortunately) rather common for technology experts to be immersed in technical details, and not understand or appreciate issues of planning, financing, management, marketing, sales and other business matters. It is also common for them to overlook the customer benefits of their technology or product, and to have trouble communicating with management and customer organizations.

On the other hand, business people may not understand or appreciate the power, application and potential of a technology or product. They may not appreciate what is necessary to develop and deliver a product, how to position it, how to communicate the benefits to the target market.

My background in both technology and business, plus the ability to communicate effectively to vastly different audiences, enables effective business planning and development for advanced technologies and products.

Technical Marketing

The marketing of advanced products to technical audiences has unique characteristics. Like any market segment, effectively reaching this audience requires meeting them on their terms.

This is an interesting challenge! It requires combining sales and marketing messages with useful information and presenting it to a suspicious and often cynical audience who distrust anything that looks like sales or marketing. It requires understanding their thought processes and decision making style. It requires a deep understanding of product, technology, applications and alternatives. And it requires the ability to communicate this information in a credible way.

Beyond this, you must address the fact that the technical people are usually recommenders and influencers, rather than the ultimate decision makers. A complete marketing and sales program must also reach the executives who have the final say.

This is what I do. Applying technical knowledge, communication skills, a deep understanding of the technical mindset, demonstrated abilities to create and execute programs -- throwing in a bit of humor to make it palatable! -- I effectively reach and influence technical, scientific and academic markets. Browse around this site to see what I've done and how it works. The Philosophy of Technical Marketing is an excellent place to start.

Product Management

Product life cycle management, from concept and requirements through development, introduction, sales and ultimately product retirement, is critical to business success. The Product Manager is -- or at least should be! -- the single point of responsibility for the success of a product.

Cross-functional teaming is required. After all, the fundamental purpose of a company is to deliver a product and get paid for it. Thus, the product life cycle touches every part of a company.

I view the responsibility of a Product Manager as ensuring the success of their product. Whatever it takes. A cross between market expert, project manager, team leader, and salesman. Someone who champions their product, overcomes the obstacles for development and delivery, and then takes it to market.

As Graphics Product Manager in Digital Equipment Corporation's Workstation Group, I was responsible for four generations of graphics systems. The success of these products shows my ability to work effectively across the company, from engineering and manufacturing to sales and marketing, and to address the underlying business issues.

Project Management

Project management requires skills in planning, tracking and management. It requires working with a broad range of people to deliver a project on time and under budget. One of my strengths is the ability to work with this broad range of people and organizations, and to work through issues in a non-confrontational manner. I try to always keep the big picture in mind and work toward successful delivery of the project, rather than getting bogged down in the crises and conflicts that seem to beset any significant project.

In addition to actually executing a wide range of projects, I have graduate level training in formal project management methodology, focusing on the tools and techniques of modern project management. This provides a useful framework and "bag of tricks" to complement my direct experience.

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