The links from this page cover several areas where I have substantial expertise.  Several of them address technical domains; a common thread through all of them is project management skills to actually implement and deliver products and tools, communication skills, especially bridging the technical and business worlds, and building relationships across diverse organizations.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and extensive experience in implementing and delivering systems and projects based on advanced computer technology, I can deliver results across a wide range of industries.  Combining a deep understanding of both technical and business issues with a hands-on approach, I have substantial experience in the areas of:

  • Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing

I can quickly master new areas, apply this knowledge to solving customer problems, and then communicate both the solution and why this is the best solution.  Examples are shown in Programs and Projects as well as in the Philosophy of Technical Marketing.

Business development activities include developing a High Performance Computing and Visualization (HPCV) services offering targeting the biotechnology and engineering simulation communities, starting an operation to deliver Proteomics based drug design services to pharmaceutical companies, developing business plans for the commercialization of software technology developed both in industry and in academia, and delivering supercomputing services projects to a major international aerospace company.

I have been active in biotechnology applications, including delivering an advanced lead optimization tool for drug design based on technology licensed from MIT, developing service offerings for in-silico screening of leads (computer simulation of drug candidates), implementation of molecular visualization and analysis in a CAVE (high end visualization room), and coursework in proteomics at Harvard.  I have also been an active member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

I have extensive experience in both marketing and engineering.  Repeated moves between technical and marketing roles give me a unique blending of deep knowledge of computer systems and technology with the ability to relate these to solving customer problems.  My communication skills are widely recognized for their ability to educate, inform and excite people on complex topics.

For the past several years, I have been working with the High Performance Technical Computing community, with a strong focus on large UNIX and Linux systems -- this includes both large SMP servers, as well as distributed computing and clustered systems.  I developed a series of innovative marketing programs that addressed this highly technical community on its own terms - internally, these programs were know as “marketing to people who hate marketing”.  These programs proved highly effective in reaching and getting the desired messages to this demanding market of engineers, scientists and computer experts.

As Graphics Product Manager, I helped establish Digital Equipment Corporation as a leading player in 3D workstations.  My responsibilities included full life-cycle product management, market research, product requirements, product planning, developing demonstrations, and developing marketing collaterals, datasheets and technical papers.  Digital's workstation presence declined after I left this group -- I'm sure this was just a coincidence...

 I'm widely published, with magazine articles and technical papers covering a number of subjects.  These include solid modeling, technical computing, graphics and visualization, and product definition database technology.  Communication vehicles I have developed include technical papers, training guides, presentations, multi-media CDs, videos, posters and advertisements.

 As a presenter, I've been called on to do everything from high-level sales presentations to three-day in-depth technical seminars to both US and international audiences.  I'm frequently asked for return engagements -- people appreciate the technical content, presentation materials, and the enthusiasm, humor and delivery of these presentations.  I'm considered a knowledgeable and credible speaker on complex subjects.

As a hands-on "get the job done" person, I can do the entire job, ranging from initial concepts through writing and developing presentations and other collaterals.  See the section on Presentations for examples of powerful and innovative work with PowerPoint, Technical Papers for examples of writing, Videos for video productions and Misc Collaterals for assorted posters, brochures and other materials.